Advertising vs. Buying Fans/Followers

When brands decide to make the big leap into the social media space, the first question is always “How do I get people to like/follow me?” On older platforms’ brand pages, the marketer was able to  look through profiles [...]

DRS and Associates: Why the News Feed matters

As with any advertising strategy, the key to success on Facebook is understanding the habits of your audience. For most companies and marketers on Facebook, checking their Timeline is a matter of necessity, a way to receive current information [...]

Online Coverage on the up and up

By Clarissa The types of Online media outlets have grown tremendously over the past few years. From e-newsletters and blogs to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, as media outlets grow so does client Online coverage. Any type [...]

Marketing Your Brand Online In a Down Economy

Let's face it, when the economy is down in the dumps and consumer confidence takes a dive, people spend less time buying things on the Internet. When this happens, however, it's even more important to examine and invest in [...]

The phenomenon of twitter!

Twitter is a small social media application that has become gigantic in a very short amount of time. Twitter is basically a mini blog that allows its users to give brief updates, tips, jokes and anything else you can [...]

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