What We’re Reading!

Raw and uncut, welcome to our inaugural blog post, What We're Reading!, where we will be highlighting what DRS employees are reading. Comments are each their own. Maxine: Letters to Milena, Franz Kafka The Thriving, Redefined Girl Power of [...]

Ben’s Take- Six Months Later

When I walked into my interview with David Schlocker six months ago, I thought that I had it going on. I had woken up around 30 minutes before the interview, got dressed in three minutes, and when my stepmom [...]

A Summer Sensation: DRS and Associates Lights the Way with 4th Edition of “Larger Than Light”

With the Dallas International Lighting Market under way, DRS is pleased to announce the latest successful edition of “Larger Than Light” magazine. A lifestyle publication showcasing Littman Brands in addition to creative lighting and design inspiration, the summer edition [...]

Disconnects in Marketing

I’m constantly amazed by the disconnect I see between marketing campaigns, messaging and packaging (or the final delivery of the message). Companies spend millions on branding, strategy, research, product development, packaging and finally on promotion (PR, advertising and social [...]

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