On-line Learning

House bound?  Can't travel?  Consider these opportunities for on-line learning of traditional music:

https://augustaartsandculture.org/ Augusta’s online heritage workshops connect you with traditional masters from all over the world.

https://www.oaim.ie/ Online Academy of Irish Music.

https://fiddlehed.com/ Geared for beginner and intermediate players.

https://www.fiddlevideo.com/ Multiple traditional fiddle styles taught.

https://truefire.com/ Cathy Fink runs this site. Lots of varied traditional music instruction offered.

https://banjobenclark.com/ Texan Ben Clark teaches multiple instruments.

https://artistworks.com/  Courses are very in-depth and taught by recognized artists.

https://pegheadnation.com/  Wide variety of traditional music genres by recognized artists.

david@davidgreely.com (David Greely). Cajun vocals, Cajun songs, Cajun song translations taught on line.

http://piedmontbluz.com (Valarie Turner). Piedmont style fingerpicking guitar, and vocals continuing in the traditions of Mississippi John HurtElizabeth CottenMemphis Minnie, and Etta Baker

https://michaelismerio.com/fiddle-lessons/ (Michael Ismerio) Old Time Fiddle.

https://janierothfield.com/about-janiesjumpstart (Janie Rothfield) Fiddle, clawhammer banjo and back up guitar.

www.handmademusicschool.com (Handmade Music School}. Old time, bluegrass, and traditional music and dances from Floyd County, Virginia and throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. Old time fiddle, bowing: Erynn Marshall. Old time mandolin: Carl Jones. Traditional banjo & fiddle: Mac and Hanna Traynham.

YouTube lessons. Many artists currently have video instruction via YouTube.Using the desired artists’ Facebook pages and YouTube or YouTube channels, instructions can be found how to access individual lessons, either via YouTube, Patreon, Skype, etc. Look up your favorite traditional musician , and proceed from there.