Geometric Shapes in Interior Design

Our Year-in-Review series takes a close look at five design approaches that have the potential to become more than mere trends. Specifically, we’re turning an eye toward sustainability, black finishes, marble in home products, bright colors and geometric shapes. [...]

Three Sustainable Design Products for the Home

It’s time to look back at 2018 and parse out what’s short-lived and what’s permanent. After all, not all trends have staying power. Some of interior design’s most lasting legacies started out as fads, while other trends seem to [...]

The Intern Way at DRS and Associates

When my journey as an intern at DRS and Associates started back in December, I knew that I could write well and that I wanted to learn more about this business they call “PR.” Well, little did I know [...]

DRS Spotlight: Carol VanderKloot

Like a sprite from some otherworldly time and place, Carol VanderKloot has landed in our midst and she is spreading her particular brand of magic on everything she touches. If you haven’t met Ms. VanderKloot, you soon will – [...]

DRS Spotlight: Jennifer Cash

Curious about what makes up the personalities and diversities of our DRS team? In an ongoing series called “DRS Spotlight” we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes up the creative spirit that fuels DRS everyday. Jennifer [...]

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