DRS and Associates: Why the News Feed matters

As with any advertising strategy, the key to success on Facebook is understanding the habits of your audience. For most companies and marketers on Facebook, checking their Timeline is a matter of necessity, a way to receive current information [...]

You Get What You Pay For

By Chris Robin As someone who works in Online Marketing and Social Media, it’s important that I stay up-to-date with the latest in web trends and technology. That said - a favorite writer of mine is Slate Magazine’s technology [...]

The Future of Your Online Market

For every offline market in the world there is also an online market. Your market is simply a “community” of people that all share the same interests and these interests just so happen to relate to your products and [...]

The Cost of Web Traffic

By David Dubrino We've just had a very interesting conversation in the office about how much people spend on traffic, and the bottom line is... they spend a lot. It's really amazing to see what Web traffic costs, and [...]

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