Not another one of those 2010 Lists!

Can anyone really predict a trend? We can spot them, but predicting them is a bit like catching a snowflake – the moment it lands, it melts away, or lands on an existing pile of snow to which anyone [...]

Online Coverage on the up and up

By Clarissa The types of Online media outlets have grown tremendously over the past few years. From e-newsletters and blogs to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, as media outlets grow so does client Online coverage. Any type [...]

Privacy Concerns – Online Tracking and Privacy

Real Life Examples Personal privacy and the Internet has become a hot topic around the office lately. Our Creative Director, Natalie Schlocker, found out that a company is using her personal information to try and make a profit. They [...]

Increase in PR in a downturn economy

As a Public Relations firm we receive and go through several magazines a week. In keeping our magazine lists and information up to date, we’ve seen it all. From lay-offs to magazines ceasing completely. Our clients’ target publications are [...]

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