Fueled in large part by the pandemic, homeowners are investing in everyday luxury and personalized experiences like never before. From the super high-tech — like voice-controlled tubs and smart showers that deliver steam, sound and light — to the antimicrobial (think silver salt-infused bath towels and touchless faucets), the idea of luxury has surpassed what was once considered a spa bath upgrade.

A tech boom in the shower may seem farfetched, but it’s exactly how to describe ThermaSol’s multisensory Total Wellness package, which combines steam therapy (hello, water conservation), mood-stabilizing LED lights that target specific chakras (also known as chromatherapy), and the ability to listen to music, watch Netflix, and stay immersed in all things connected while you relax.

Other featured innovations include touchless faucets with virtual handles and temperature displays, LED mirrors that rival the spotlight of the ubiquitous ring light, and toilets that function on half the water of their counterparts. There’s even a bathmat that pulls double duty as a scale and analyzes your posture, too.

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