Our Year-in-Review series takes a close look at five design approaches that have the potential to become more than mere trends. Specifically, we’re turning an eye toward sustainability, black finishes, marble in home products, bright colors and geometric shapes. Regardless of the theme, each of the selections in our series is more than just a trend: it’s a classic in the making.

Geometric shapes create balance in an interior space, merging the exact elegance of mathematics with the imaginative potential of design. They’re an ideal go-to for designers looking to add a subtle yet dynamic splash of character to a space. In fact, sizing, layouts and themes are notably altered whenever a streamlined form is introduced. Our five selects illustrate just how dramatic angles, detailed lines and sleek shapes have become a part of the design world’s visual lexicon, effectively transforming geometric shapes into a perennial favorite.

Modern and functional, Frame embodies the structural essence of framework through its sleek design. Rectangular backplates and posts connect with tubular rods and geometric forms to emit an architectural and contemporary feeling across the collection of bathroom accessories. Frame features solid brass construction and a choice of polished chrome or satin nickel finishes.

Hastings Tile & Bath
With no puzzle or mysterious image to reassemble, the Tangram by Atelier traces its intricate diagonals without contribution or complicity. The collection involves the random mixing and matching of geometric shapes that unexpectedly slash and punctuate the space. Tangram is like a kaleidoscope that, upon taking a small break from its rotations, chooses to linger indefinitely, creating a sense of endless expectation.


Buster + Punch
Buster + Punch’s light fixture is a Victorian night light for the 21st century. STONED is Massimo Minale’s latest release that expresses his obsession with trail-blazing technologies in LED lighting, incorporating resilient materials and fashion styling – while always creating a mood and ambiance reminiscent of simpler times. The modern yet innovative LED table light takes a trip back in time to explore the future of lighting. Another standout feature of the monolithic table lamp is Buster + Punch’s TUBES LED bulb, formulated after their renowned LED BUSTER BULB. TUBES comprise their signature resin light pipe set in a shell made of polycarbonate. The STONED fixture is available in polished white marble or honed black granite, which is sliced into a heavy, angular quadrilateral base. With a stylish, geometric aesthetic, the unique table lamp is the ultimate accessory to place at any table, bedside, bookshelf and mantle. STONED is a progressive glimpse into the future of what low-energy lighting looks like and how well it can perform.


THG Paris
So puts a refreshing, updated spin on a long-time brand favorite and represents a collaboration between the luxury atelier THG Paris and French designer Olivier Gossart, best known for his dramatic hotel and residential interiors. The retro-modern waterfall spout is paired with Gossart’s updated vision of faucet handles in crystal, laser-engraved with “CHAUD” (hot) and “FROID” (cold)—bringing a high-tech, whimsical touch to the bath. So is destined to appeal to retro-modernists and minimalists alike. The suite is completed with an integrated thermostatic shower system and a Roman tub filler with integrated progressive-mixing hand shower.


Les Jardins Solar Lighting
The sleek Skaal is a play on minimalism and a study in smart, streamlined design. Made of visually stunning teak pieces, this contemporary lantern is at home both indoors and out. Available in two sizes, it blends clean lines and solid construction with soft, durable light for the ultimate in indoor/outdoor living. Skaal adds easy modern style to any space. Unmatched in both quality and functionality, it is the very definition of modern, urban chic.