Our Year-in-Review series takes a close look at five design approaches that have the potential to become more than mere trends. Specifically, we’re turning an eye toward sustainability, black finishes, marble in home products, bright colors and geometric patterns. Regardless of the theme, each of the selections in our series is more than just a trend: it’s a classic in the making.

Since antiquity, artists have turned to marble for inspiration. These days, designers are turning to it too. Connoting refined taste and sophistication, marble was not only prized by High Renaissance artists: it was used exclusively to clad the Taj Mahal. Far more than just a decorative material, marble is a symbol of luxury that transcends traditional associations with bathrooms and floors.


Stone Forest
Papillon Tub in Cararra Marble
Constructed of contemporary stunning Carrara marble with rich natural veining, the world-renowned Papillon Bathtub evokes elegance and organic simplicity. Its unique shape enables the bather to slip into their calming inner sanctum, not unlike classical Greeks.

THG Paris
Blending the best of classic and opulent French style, the Montaigne collection from Stéphanie Coutas boasts an elegant feel rooted in the nobility of the Grand Antique d’ Aubert marble. Revered for its natural black and white coloring, this rare marble is native only to southwest France and has a rich historical past, decorating exquisite structures such as St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the Palace of Versailles and the tomb of Emperor Napoleon. The collection is also available in a gray or white alternate marble.


THG Paris
A contemporary, customizable work of art, System encourages and frees people to play with patterns, textures, materials and finishes in order to sculpt a bath faucet through the lens of an Arik Levy composition. The collection includes marble-ring inlays with a geometric pattern engraved in the material. Along with THG Paris’ 40-plus available finishes, System creates endless possibilities when mixed with Levy’s discerning designs.


Buster + Punch
Inspired by London’s steel skyline, CAGED is a collection of architecturally-designed, modular lighting solutions. The concept takes a simple box light design and transforms it into a series of extraordinary building blocks. The lighting collection has been designed with customization in mind – to be hung in a linear procession, as a cluster, at staggered heights or to create dramatic chandeliers on a massive scale. Buster + Punch’s patented LED technology is framed by the graphic outline of a solid matte black steel cage, creating CAGED. Comprised of eight interchangeable modular wall and ceiling light options, CAGED can be further tailored to express personality, with a first edition back panel available in polished white marble.