Our Year-in-Review series takes a close look at five design approaches that have the potential to become more than mere trends. Specifically, we’re turning an eye toward sustainability, black finishes, marble in home products, bright colors and geometric patterns. Regardless of the theme, each of the selections in our series is more than just a trend: it’s a classic in the making.

Following our recent spotlight on sustainability, we’re turning an eye toward black finishes. The darkest color of the spectrum, black has a long history in art and culture. From obsidian to onyx, the color black evokes a strong sense of mystery and romance, not to mention timeless elegance. We hand-picked a few examples of how this classic color can transform spaces in new and surprising ways. The most prevalent example is the unexpected yet completely cohesive use of black in kitchen and bath design. These spaces are usually reserved for neutral colors but they have the potential to transform dramatically with a touch of eye-popping black.


Buster + Punch
The PULL BAR handle is made from rare solid metal and designed with diamond-cut knurled detailing, including a rectangular backplate finished with penny buttons. The handle is excellent for cabinet doors, wardrobe drawers, cupboards, kitchen units and just about anything that can open. What’s more, the unique PULL BAR handle can be used with or without the backplate.


THG Paris
Collection O
Designed by Studio Putman, Collection O combines the talents of Christofle, the late Andrée Putman and THG Paris. An embodiment of modern luxury, the famous ring was designed by Putman for Christofle in 2002 as part of the Vertigo collection. A beautiful, sculptural and fluid design, each ring twists at the bottom with a rounded effect and is used as a discreetly functional element in various areas of each fixture.


Stone Forest
Papillon Bathtub
Constructed of contemporary polished black granite, the world-renowned Papillon Bathtub merges tasteful elegance with organic simplicity. Its chic curves contribute to a unique oval shape, enabling the bather to slip into their calming inner sanctum. With the Papillon Bathtub, the act of being immersed in water goes from a routine to a ritual.


Showroom Finland
The name PILKE is a Finnish pun: it means “twinkle,” like a star, but its name also denotes a small piece of wood used for kindling. Designed by Tuukka Halonen, PILKE lights are carefully assembled with this concept in mind, bringing together traditional Finnish woodworking and ultramodern geometry to provide natural warm light through a contemporary black-stained wooden structure.