Our Year-in-Review series takes a close look at five design approaches that have the potential to become more than mere trends. Specifically, we’re turning an eye toward sustainability, black finishes, marble in home products, bright colors and geometric patterns. Regardless of the theme, each of the selections in our series is more than just a trend: it’s a classic in the making.

Not only have bold colors been making their way into graphic and fashion design: they’re becoming a staple of interior design too. Shades ranging from electric blues to bright oranges have come to define 2018, along with Pantone’s Color of the Year, 18-3838 Ultra Violet. Whether it’s found in tiles, lighting or natural art crystals, a vivid color has the potential to brighten anyone’s day. Here are five ways to add a dash of brilliance to just about any space.

Hastings Tile & Bath
Old, yellowed, origami-like letters serve as inspiration behind the Corrispondenza collection of handmade tiles. A collaboration between Ceramica Bardelli with Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of Dimore Studio, Corrispondenza is a collection of tiles made from white glazed stoneware and hand-decorated by Ceramica Bardelli. Corrispondenza is a kaleidoscope of soft tones with cool hues that embrace warmth and delve into both dusty and bold color palettes. The collection is comprised of interior floor and wall tiles, offered in white glazed stoneware with a matte finish, composed of seven entirely hand-painted decorations.


Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head
This unique system transforms personal experience and the environment through the creative use of light, sound and falling water. Controlled by ThermaTouch, the ceiling-mounted system utilizes high-quality LEDs for Mood Lighting mode which delivers gradually changing color palettes and in-shower lighting. The audible experience is delivered through a high-performance trilinear sub-woofer with high frequency drivers and a high efficiency class D amplifier. Finally, the rain head shower delivers a gentle falling water sensation through two rows of 82 easy-clean neoprene jets.


Mystic Journey Crystals
An amethyst geode is known for its lustrous pigmentation, ranging from pale lavender to deep lilac and rich violet. A member of the quartz family, amethyst is a stone synonymous with serenity and peace. Iridescent purple clusters and striking jagged edges make amethyst a visual centerpiece. Despite its distinct plum-colored palette, amethyst can work as a neutral, adding a layer of soothing tones to just about any environment.


Mystic Journey Crystals
Known as the stone of gentle communication, chrysocolla is a study in serenity — literally and figuratively. The cool greens and bright blues of this unique mineral come from oxidized copper, creating a balanced, peaceful palette reminiscent of the sea. It should come as no surprise, then, that the stone is used to stir compassion, emotional stability and inner peace. Ranging from deep turquoise to soft green, chrysocolla is a refreshing way to incorporate color into a residential or commercial space.


Les Jardins Solar Lighting
The colorful Tinka is a true standout of modern design. Made of aluminum with a stainless handle, this fun utilitarian lantern has personality to spare. Choose between vibrant red, orange, or lime green to give your garden an unexpected pop of color. The lightweight Tinka is a must-have for everything from backyard gatherings and beach picnics to boating excursions and glamping trips. For the color-shy, this is also a fun, noncommittal way to play with accents and brighten surroundings.