It’s time to look back at 2018 and parse out what’s short-lived and what’s permanent. After all, not all trends have staying power. Some of interior design’s most lasting legacies started out as fads, while other trends seem to have vanished as fast as they appeared. With this in mind, our Year-in-Review series takes a closer look at five design ideas that have the potential to become something far more than just fleetingly fashionable. Along with selecting sustainable products, we’ll be taking a closer look at black finishes, marble in home products, bright colors and geometric patterns.

Not only does green living reduce the carbon footprint today, but it paves the way for a better tomorrow. For our Year-In-Review debut, let’s take a moment to celebrate sustainability with three eco-conscious products. For starters, Malvina from Newport Brass exceeds WaterSense requirements while meeting water-saving standards set forth by the California Energy Commission and CALGreen. Meanwhile, the Tinka collection from Les Jardins Solar Lighting features interchangeable solar lighting modules. Not only are they transposable across the entire Les Jardins Solar Lighting line, but the module produces 500 lumens of LED light and up to 200 hours of life per charge. And finally, while we’re on the topic of lighting, the LED BUSTER Bulb from Buster + Punch is an innovative eco-friendly LED alternative to traditional filament bulbs and the first to implement novel changes in design. In the end, any of these must-have products not only make the environment look good, but help us feel good, too.

Newport Brass
Geometric lines and exact planes come together in Newport Brass’ new Malvina faucet, an engineering marvel inspired by the iconic smooth stucco and concrete of contemporary architecture. Whether it’s the solid-brass rectangular lever or perfectly scaled cross handles, all fixtures are meticulously shaped and expertly finished at Newport Brass’ California facility in order to achieve a striking and precise design. With a deep commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes, Newport Brass takes pride in energy-saving methods that shrink emissions, recycle materials, enhance resources, and lessen waste.


Les Jardins Solar Lighting
Tinka (in teak wood)
A true standout in modern design, Tinka brings a whole new meaning to green living. Available in sustainable teak wood, the light is a must-have for brightening backyard gatherings, glamping trips and every adventure along the way. The replaceable and interchangeable solar LED module can simply swap out your old solar modules with new ones as our renewable lighting technology evolves. Because our lanterns are designed to be timeless, they can travel with you through life and never end up in a landfill. With dimming capabilities and a motion sensor, a lantern from the Les Jardins Solar Lighting collection is far more than just attractive outdoor lighting: It brings luxury within reach and embraces cutting-edge solar technology at the same time.


Buster + Punch
Magic happens inside the resin light base at the center of the LED BUSTER Bulb. That’s because it performs two incredible functions: a focused spotlight to illuminate surfaces below and a warm ambient glow to light faces and spaces around it. With an E26 base, it can also be used as a direct replacement for standard screw-thread incandescent bulbs. Defining the next evolution in an industry that is undergoing a change in ideals, the LED BUSTER Bulb raises the bar in lighting technologies.