Design Bloggers Conference

The DRS and Associates sponsor table at the Design Bloggers Conference 2017.

DRS and Associates was a Platinum Sponsor for the Design Bloggers Conference 2017 last month right in our backyard at The Beverly Hilton. Our team focused on meeting and building connections with design bloggers, representing our clients and communicating their brand stories while developing valuable partnerships with the designers.

At the Design Bloggers Conference, DRS and Associates acted as a resource for bloggers to communicate with and reach out to the clients we represent. In order to attract the attention of attendees who were otherwise bombarded with endless information and knowledge, our team gave out Littman Brands tote bags filled with giveaway items such as sticky notepads, chocolate, postcards and brochures. This gave designers the chance to take information about our agency and clients and slowly absorb it at their convenience, even after the conference ended. We also hosted a giveaway contest for a Hudson Valley Lighting table lamp, resulting in an excited crowd gathering around our sponsor table.

The Beverly Hilton Design Bloggers Conference Design Bloggers Conference
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Over the three days of the conference, our team was able to personally meet design bloggers from all over the country and present our company as a forward-thinking content generating agency that dissolves the boundaries between public relations, social media, brand consulting and marketing. Our team also answered many design bloggers’ inquiries and satisfied their curiosity regarding our clients’ products and the stories of the brands. Our agency enjoyed the inspiring opportunities we had, speaking to designers about their love for design and their work and accomplishments. We will be staying in touch with many of them in hopes of future partnerships and collaborations.

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DRS and Associates represented several luxury brands at the conference: Corbett Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting, Troy Lighting, THG-Paris and Watermark Designs. We had a successful Hudson Valley Lighting contest, which attracted many people to start following DRS and Larger Than Light, a lighting community account for Corbett Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting and Troy Lighting, on social media. Interior designer Timothy Corrigan revealed his new collaborations with THG-Paris during his keynote presentation “The Big Reveal: Everything You Wanted to Know About Building A Successful Brand & Design Business.” In order to build excitement and anticipation, DRS and Associates showcased the THG-Paris samples at our table for all three days of the conference. Many enthusiastic designers gathered to be one of the first ones to take photos and see and touch the faucets, which are not yet released. Before Corrigan’s keynote presentation, he stopped by our sponsor table and posed for photos with his West Coast collection samples. There was also a giveaway of Brooklyn-made chocolate with Watermark Designs’ logo on the candy bars at our table, and they were very popular among those who stopped by. Since a Watermark Designs Brooklyn faucet was displayed at Dunes and Duchess’s exhibit across from our sponsor table, we leveraged the opportunity by promoting it to people who wanted to see how the faucet looks when installed. After looking at the installation, many interested designers came back to our table to look at the Watermark Designs catalogues, and they were able to receive brochures with detailed information.

Besides meeting design bloggers of different backgrounds, our team also gained insights and valuable knowledge at the conference sessions. Several big-name interior designers told stories on how they started their careers, describing how some have careers which surprisingly rely mainly on Instagram. We also discovered the different perspectives designers had on the industry and their work. There were also conference sessions focused on social media trends and techniques, and we found the tips to be useful to apply to our clients’ accounts that we manage. All of us thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Design Bloggers Conference and hope to be back in the near future.

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