DRS and Associates is made up of a wonderful team of creative and hardworking professionals, and now you can get to know them a little better. Here’s a look at our very own Jocelyn!

When in Scotland, it’s only right to stop in a pub and sample some ale! Jocelyn traveled to Scotland in 2015 with her sons, Stefan and Sasha Mesarovich.

Jocelyn Hutt, Director of the East Coast Division

Jocelyn has been with DRS and Associates for nearly seven years, and enjoys the clients she gets to work with on a daily basis.

“We are very fortunate in that we have wonderful clients,” she says. “My respect for them grows every day; for the products they design, manufacture or import and the hard work they do.”

In front of the “little” hill known as Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, Jocelyn attempts to have her boys look more serious, but nope, not happening.

Jocelyn is a born and raised New Yorker from Long Island. She went to college at the State University of New York at Delhi in Upstate New York. Before joining DRS, she was an editor at HomePortfolio, a home design website that is the precursor to sites such as Houzz and Modenus, for eight years. She became familiar with DRS during her time at HomePortfolio, because all of DRS’ clients were featured on the site.


Jocelyn swears her father, Abe Hutt, used to be taller. But then again, against the backdrop of those boys – everyone looks short!

We sat down with Jocelyn, and asked her, “What’s Your DRS?”

Destination: Any time I’m traveling with my boys — ok, they are in their 20s, so maybe not technically boys anymore — I’m happy. Our most recent trip was to New Orleans, and it was fabulous. I’ve been to Barcelona, Edinburgh and Florence with them as well. My absolute favorite journey to take with my boys is driving 6 hours to my father’s house in New Jersey, where we get to see other family members as well.

Renovation: What would you update, remodel or change in your home?
My Kingdom, aka bedroom, for more closet space!

Significance: What has great meaning to you? Perhaps a cherished item, event or realization.
I try to find joy in my work every day. We are not curing the world’s ills, but it goes back to helping to tell the stories of our clients, and their work brings me joy.