Jennifer Cash is looking for clients’ coverage in interior design magazines at our office library.

DRS and Associates is made up of a wonderful team of creative and hardworking professionals, and now you can get to know them a little better. Here’s a look at our very own Jennifer!

Jennifer Cash, Senior PR and Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer has been with DRS and Associates for nearly six years, and loves the many hats she gets to wear as a Senior PR and Marketing Coordinator.

“There is never a boring day at DRS,” she says. “I also believe we have built a very reliable and capable team. Everyone is friendly and great to work with.”

Jennifer is born and raised in California’s San Fernando Valley, and earned a Bachelor of Journalism with an emphasis in public relations from California State University, Northridge. Before landing at DRS, she held several other positions in the PR field. In one of her positions as a PR rep, she was later promoted to an operations coordinator position, where she managed web, PR and marketing departments while reporting to the vice president of operations. In her last position, she worked as a project coordinator on an important account before joining DRS.

Jennifer traveled to Europe, including Paris, in her 20s.

We sat down with Jennifer, and asked her, “What’s Your DRS?”

Destination: What’s your favorite trip you’ve taken or place you’ve visited?
I love Greece. I traveled Europe with a group of girls for a month in my twenties. One of the destinations was an island in Greece called Fira. We stayed in one of those white houses that overlooked the ocean that you see on the postcards they sell there. You could walk down a path to the ocean below. I would sketch or write on the beach. It was a very peaceful experience.


Jennifer traveled to different picturesque islands in Greece during her trip.

Renovation: What would you update, remodel or change in your home?
The kitchen! I live in a small cottage-like guest house. Even though it has its perks, I would love a bigger kitchen. Being at DRS reminds me of all the clients’ products I would love to have in my own home.

Significance: What has great meaning to you? Perhaps a cherished item, event or realization.
My boyfriend bought me pretty bracelets from the charity Benefits from the sale of the bracelets went toward causes like education and access to fresh water for the underprivileged in Kenya. He ended up buying me all of the bracelet choices there were on the site.