Raw and uncut, welcome to our inaugural blog post, What We’re Reading!, where we will be highlighting what DRS employees are reading. Comments are each their own.

Letters to Milena, Franz Kafka
The Thriving, Redefined Girl Power of Mitski By Jael Goldfine

Finished Art Gensler’s “Art’s Principles: 50 years of hard-learned lessons in building a world-class professional services firm” love it because it makes me not feel insane about what I believe.

New Book started:
“The Culture Code,” because I am a lifelong student of human behavior and how/why people live and buy…

N.F.L.’s Flawed Concussion Research and Ties to Tobacco Industry by Alan Schwarz, Walt Bogdanich and Jacqueline Williams (New York Times)

I grew up playing football, it was my first love. Now, I don’t think I would let my children play.

Nat H:
“The Devil in the White City is a fascinating look behind the scenes of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and how the same event that brought us the first Ferris wheel could also bring us the “first” American serial killer, H.H. Holmes. It was definitely a worthwhile read and gave me great insight into a time period and place I didn’t know much about; however, I thought it could have talked less about architecture and more about murder… but I say that about everything.”

High-Rise by J.G. Ballard

The most enjoyable book I’ve read recently was “Priceless: How I went Undercover To Rescue The World’s Stolen Treasures” by former FBI Agent Robert K Wittman The book works as both a historical narrative of the FBI’s Art Crime Team as well as a gripping crime story the author’s attempts to rescue priceless pieces of art from thieves and smugglers. What resonated with me was Wittman’s desire to overhaul a previously neglected department and his ability to become an art expert on the fly through classes and trips to Philadelphia’s Barnes Collection (One of my favorite museums growing up). The takeaway from Priceless is that while art gives us so much, there is not nearly enough value placed on its protection and conservation.

“The Confidence Game—why we fall for it every time’ by Maria Konnikova

It’s a great read -especially during the political season

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