The buzz among marketing strategists lies with Periscope, a breakout app which gives users the ability to video record and stream any scenario live from their smartphones. While “buzz” means there’s plenty of talk, hype and praise for this innovation, here at DRS and Associates, we take action (and many times, even under the radar – and many times we are early adapters). We are constantly pushing boundaries while utilizing new technologies that will bring our clients’ products closer and more efficiently to a consumer market.

Since looking beyond practicality is nothing new to our firm, we decided to find the hidden gem of what Periscope offered and use it as a marketing tool for our clients. At this past October’s DPHA (Decorative Plumbing And Hardware Association) Conference, our client ThermaSol introduced and demonstrated for the first time their ThermaTouch control, a groundbreaking and innovative in-shower controller. With a 7″ LCD touchscreen and a number of impressive settings accessed in high resolution, it was vital that a visual representation of ThermaTouch was accessible to industry members and fans alike who could not attend the event in person. Leading up to the day, we spent weeks utilizing social media outreach tactics in order to create our own planned broadcast of ThermaSol’s presentation. The event was a success, and in addition to watching the event take place, viewers were able to interact live by commenting and asking questions through the app.


5th annual iRacing Pro Race of Champions

In November, we used Periscope at the Boutique Design New York (BDNY) trade show, where we broadcasted a design talk panel of our client Littman Brands Contract’s design and sales team together with a renowned designer, as they discussed new collection launches in addition to MIKKO, a custom light sculpture. This event also coincided with the launch of Littman Brands’ Brighten the World initiative – a new philanthropic platform which includes all Littman Brands campaigns or initiatives to support charitable causes. The following month, our client CXC Simulations hosted the 5th annual iRacing Pro Race of Champions, where quadriplegic racer Sam Schmidt competed for the first time in nearly 16 years, using a CXC Motion Pro II racing simulator. The inspiring event was captured via our Periscope-cast and attracted a record-breaking viewership in large part to pre-event promotion by our Social Media team.

“In our world, we don’t put a limit on what we can do for the client,” said David Schlocker, founder and CEO of DRS and Associates. “I’m constantly encouraging our team to find new and innovative ways to take our services to the next level. There is such a wealth of opportunity to tap into by utilizing new technology and media applications.”

Like almost any successful business, reinventing our strategy in response to technological innovation is a necessity; however, we take it a step further by paving the way in finding new techniques to bring our brands to the public eye in the best and most efficient ways possible.


Video streaming a Troy Lighting design panel at Boutique Design New York