As a public relations firm, DRS and Associates knows the importance of translating product knowledge and communicating in a visual and captivating manner to a wide consumer audience. That’s why when Littman Brands saw that there was a need to educate consumers on specifying lighting and learning the proven techniques of how to light a space, they called upon DRS to create a lighting “Look Book” with easy to follow guidelines and inspirational installation examples. Not only would this help educate consumers but it would create the opportunity to show off lighting offerings from Littman Brands. The first print run proved so popular that we just came out with a second edition that includes new product photography, updated “best practices” and an expanded LED section. Here is a closer look at the case study.

Littman Brands is renowned for unique authentic designs and high-quality lighting solutions for the residential, hospitality and contract arenas. Led by Founder and Chairman David Littman, whose family has maintained a key leadership role in lighting design for more than 85 years, Littman Brands is represented by four distinct brands: Corbett Lighting, Hudson Valley Lighting®, Troy Lighting and CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting).

DRS and Associates was called upon by Littman Brands to create a lighting resource guide for their showroom dealers and sales representatives to distribute. Littman Brands wanted to develop a tool to help educate consumers in the field of lighting, from how to light rooms to measuring guidelines and technical requirements. The goal was to create a lighting “Look Book” with practical information and tips as well as design and style inspiration – all showcasing Littman Brands products.

We created The Lighting Look Book by Littman Brands, a lighting resource guide to help consumers develop their own dream lighting layouts in their homes. The almost 100-page book is packed with beautiful photography showcasing residential interiors and lighting applications, and chapters on a variety of topics such as interior design styles, lighting layers, fixtures and installation guidelines, light sources, energy efficiency, and even outdoor lighting. The book also talks about “Made in California” – a chapter on American manufacturing. Creating this book was an all-encompassing project that utilized our unique talents across a variety of fields. Our writing staff researched and wrote out the copy, while Co-Founder and Creative Director Natalie Schlocker took on the task of styling and laying out the book with her team. Envisioning the book as an easy-to-follow guide, Natalie designed a page structure and flow of curated, concise and inviting content that walks the reader through the step-by-step lighting process using environmental photography, product images, bullet points, diagrams and other graphics.

The first volume Lighting Look Book was distributed at the June 2014 Dallas International Lighting Market to great reception. In fact, the reception was so great that we created an updated second edition with new photography, lighting fixtures and design styles, as well as expanded chapters on LED lighting and manufacturing. The revised Look Book debuted at January 2016 Lightovation and is currently available online and in showrooms.

Read the current version Littman Brands Look Book