DRS and Associates presents the latest issue of Larger Than Light magazine, a print and digital lifestyle publication showcasing Littman Brands. The Winter 2016 edition includes even more articles, features and photography showcasing Littman Brands’ visibility in the design community and beyond. This issue was presented at Lightovation January 2016 (formerly the Dallas International Lighting Market), where Littman Brands annually debuts hundreds of new products for the year ahead. Lightovation’s updated name reflects the growing importance of the lighting industry and its emphasis on innovation.

This issue marks many major achievements, including Littman Brands’ Brighten the World initiative – a new philanthropic platform which encompasses all Littman Brands campaigns or initiatives to support charitable causes. From a digital marketing perspective, 2016 also brings the addition of native advertising and content marketing. The online version of Larger Than Light has been optimized for the web even further with expanded article and features linked to specific website pages, videos and expanded stories. DRS and Associates’ digital marketing team will be leveraging all of this visual and written content to several more platforms.


What is Larger Than Light?
An extension of the “Larger Than Light” Facebook page, social media platform and online community of design and lighting enthusiasts, Larger Than Light magazine is an expansive publication and invaluable marketing piece that we create twice a year in time for Lightovation. It brings to life many aspects of the lighting world in real life stories, case studies, technical articles and simply inviting commentary – all curated in a visual and inviting fashion.

Did you know?
DRS and Associates produces, creates, writes, designs and publishes this consumer and interior designer tool featuring in-depth articles and interviews with top designers and experts to further expand Hudson Valley Lighting®, Troy Lighting, Corbett Lighting and CSL® Creative Systems Lighting. With creative content ranging from lighting concepts that push the imagination to lifestyle features, practical tips and more, Larger Than Light magazine utilizes outside the box thinking to supplement the social media platform and further expand our client’s brands. Through “Larger Than Light,” DRS and Associates has built more than just a community for designers, lighting enthusiasts and design-inspired consumers, but a viable community that sets a new precedent for the future of marketing and branding.

Create Buzz, Leverage, extend, tell stories… Repeat.
As a PR and communications agency, we know that we must extend all the positive exposure our clients receive to leverage and maximize their outreach campaigns. This publication serves as an excellent mechanism to do so. Since many Littman Brands products are featured in showhouses and editorial features in magazines, we use these projects and relationships to build out additional compelling content. To create each issue, we gather content through a variety of sources, including press coverage and designer outreach. We conduct journalistic interviews with top designers to discover the inspirations behind their latest creations, as well as their experiences incorporating the lighting brands Troy Lighting, Corbett Lighting, CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting) and Hudson Valley Lighting® into their projects. Anything from grand installations to smaller scale projects are featured in the magazine and then shared with the online community. We also leverage social media in many ways, including our “Let It Shine” contest, which asks participants to enter their projects incorporating Littman Brands’ designs for a chance to win a cash prize – leading to featured publication in the magazine.

We all are brand ambassadors.
Some of this content and photography could not have been produced with out the help and collaboration of Littman’s trade clientele. We’d like to thank the designers who contributed to this issue with their talent, style, technical knowledge and industry expertise. Thanks for allowing our clients to share your stories with their network of lighting enthusiasts and homeowners.

Click here to read the Winter 2016 edition of Larger Than Light.