Looking through the lens of a luxury consumer is second nature to us here at DRS and Associates. Our firm represents some of the world’s most prestigious brands recognized in the interior design and architectural communities and we have earned a reputation as the “goto” brand positioning agency. Over a year ago, our services were sought out by CXC Simulations, manufacturer of the world’s only professional racing simulator practical for home use. It’s no secret that our specialty and ability is communicating and working hand in hand with an affluent market, be that via social networking, digital marketing, editorial, events, or any other media outlets. With CXC we successfully took an already abundant and interested racing audience and added on to it with the likes of affluent and luxury publications, social media, blogs and websites. The purpose – to reach relevant consumers and their network of professionals who influence and provide design and lifestyle recommendations to their discerning clientele.

From a consumer marketing perspective, we like to think that there is no limitation in our malleability to leverage every potential angle, every selling point for a brand. From automotive connoisseurs, to captains of industries, to mega yacht owners, we did not disappoint. In fact, this is no tall task; it’s what we do.

Below is a list of some of the most read media outlets in United States (some international), each reaching far beyond “millions” in readership and/or featuring a readership of those whose yearly income would by no means fall short of that number either.

In addition to pitching CXC’s products to luxury lifestyle publications, we also target the automotive audience and any crossover in between. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the latest publications we’ve secured placement in for CXC.

Luxury Magazine featured CXC in a piece on products for gaming enthusiasts, showcasing CXC to a luxury lifestyle audience that otherwise might not have been aware of the product.



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