What Do Extravagant Chandeliers, Architectural Faucets and Professional Race Simulators All Have In Common?

Tough question, but the answer can be found at the heart of a group of people who hail themselves as DRS and Associates – a PR and Marketing firm nestled in the heart of the North Hollywood Arts District.

Though architectural and luxury lifestyle products serve as our specialty here at DRS, we are sometimes called upon to go far and beyond, extending our talents into other niche industries, and of course, representing products and companies that share our passion for exquisite design, quality workmanship and engineering. This past month our CEO David Schlocker, Social Media Manager Jon Sklaroff and myself headed out to Santa Monica Airport to represent our client CXC Simulations as they showcased their Motion Pro II simulator at the annual Porsche Club of America’s Concours d’Elegance.

At the crack of dawn we (well the CXC team with us helping) hauled one of CXC’s industry-leading Motion Pro II simulators into the Museum of Flying at the Santa Monica Airport. Considering that Porsche enthusiasts find themselves at the top of the food chain in terms of “car geeks” (and not to mention, David is by no means excluded from this group), it was no surprise that eyes locked onto us as we carried crates and equipment up and into the museum – something was astray. They were right, but I don’t think any of them would have guessed that within 30 minutes, they would be in the seat of CXC’s Motion Pro II, driving the virtual equivalent of a Porsche GT3 on one of the U.S.’s most recognized tracks.

As a kid you probably dreamed of turning the key of a Porsche 911 – black paint job, the iconic sound of a rear mounted flat six, “Porsche” lettering perfectly stenciled across the tail, and of course…the gawks and rubbernecking from onlookers. For members of the Porsche Club of America, this dream was most likely made into reality; however, as it is with every first love, there is always a way to push the bar.

Jump ahead a few hours, and there was a line that stretched across the entirety of the hangar opening. Porsche owners, friends of collectors and local spectators waited in line to see what it felt like in “the only professional racing simulator that is practical for home use.” Seasoned racers hung out by our station, reminiscing on their days driving Laguna Seca and its famed “Corkscrew.” Not to our surprise, they left wide-eyed and wanting more. Unfortunately, there was a huge line waiting behind them; guess they just have to buy their own!

With the day complete (aside from some technical difficulties with David’s ‘74 Carrera), it was time to head home. It was a Sunday, and the next morning we would all head back to our industrial designed building known locally as the “Castle” and get back to work. It might be a blog post for one of our high-end faucet companies, a Facebook post for Corbett Lighting’s beautiful lighting fixtures, or an editorial pitch for CXC’s Motion Pro II, but regardless of the client, the industry, and the day, we never give up on our passion for telling the story of the brands that we represent.

– Ben


Porsche Club of America’s Concours d’Elegance, Santa Monica Airport, California


From vintage to right off the factory floor, there was no shortage of iconic Porsches at the event


Do you think David missed a spot or two?


CXC Simulations showcasing their Motion Pro II simulator at the annual Porsche Club of America’s Concours d’Elegance




Ben helping out with CXC’s interactive scoreboard