Client: Stone Forest has been creating contemporary elements for the kitchen, bath and landscape using natural materials since 1989. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico the boutique company has a unique understanding of the tolerances of different stones and precious materials. All of their architectural designs are sculpted or crafted from natural materials such as stone, bronze, copper, iron, bamboo, and hardwoods. Stone Forest’s collections include an extensive selection of vessel and pedestal sinks, bathtubs, furniture, fountains and outdoor sculptures. Blocks of marble, granite and onyx are obtained from quarries located around the world, in countries such as Italy, Spain, Norway and Brazil. Stone Forest’s products express the beauty of nature because they are made from materials from the earth and are not manipulated by machine. Stone Forest has won numerous awards including the Good Design Award, Green Good Design Award, and Interior Design magazine’s “Best of Year” Award.

Challenge: To create a social media campaign that represents the visual beauty of Stone Forest’s products while accurately telling the story of the brand and perhaps even offering a slight education to consumers about the skill and craftsmanship required to work with the unique natural raw materials and transform them into function works of art.

Result: Utilizing graphic design and creative copy writing, we created a series of Facebook campaigns inspired by travel destinations, art and architecture to showcase Stone Forest’s products in a unique and original way – going beyond the traditional product shots. These campaigns emphasized three distinct brand hallmarks: natural materials, international elements, and timeless design.

1. Road Trip

Our first campaign, launched in the summer of 2012, took Stone Forest on a virtual road trip to national monuments and landmark destinations across the United States. Because Stone Forest sculpts from natural materials, we were able to draw visual comparisons between their products and these monuments with fun results. A postcard motif linked the images together and evoked the feeling of a vacation road trip.

2. World Tour

Because Stone Forest utilizes many different materials from around the world, our second campaign took the form of a virtual tour abroad. By juxtaposing Stone Forest products with foreign works of architecture and art made from the same materials, we were able to showcase the company’s international influences. With this campaign, we added an extra level of engagement by offering fans a hint of where we were, revealing the answer later in the week.

3. Ancient Inspirations

Our final campaign looked to the past, taking inspiration from the ancient world. Since many Stone Forest pieces are inspired by ancient architecture and art, we drew visual comparisons between these designs and their historical influences. By focusing on different time periods and cultures, we were able to showcase Stone Forest’s designs as timeless works of art.

By emphasizing Stone Forest’s brand distinctions through three unique social media campaigns, we successfully conveyed the company’s personality and products in a fresh and creative way.