Client: Enjoyed by architects, designers and homeowners alike, bulthaup kitchens are revered for their clean lines, ergonomic layout and precision German engineering and manufacturing. Founded by Martin Bulthaup in Germany in 1949, the company remains a family owned and operated entity with showrooms in more than 50 countries. Architecture, innovation and precision are all hallmarks of the bulthaup brand, whose products are built to the highest possible standards. Their philosophy of “The kitchen is for cooking” emphasizes authenticity in function and materials and a reduction to the essentials. The most important factors are enjoyment, cooking and communication.

Challenge: While bulthaup is well-known in Europe, introducing the brand to the American market posed a unique question: “How do you introduce a high-end European brand to the American market?” How do you make this unattainable brand more accessible? How do we give bulthaup an American presence

Solution: Through a social media campaign we created a Facebook page drawing on the lifestyle elements of this unique brand, highlighting its “The kitchen is for cooking” philosophy. Recipes, real estate listings and events go beyond the typical product posts. Put the focus on kitchen because that’s what bulthaup believes the kitchen is for. In one of our most recent initiatives, we created a tab for recipes. A recipe from renowned Chef Ludo Lefebvre and asked fans to make a recipe. to build a fanbase through promotion.

In another campaign, we created a giveaway that asked fans to submit for a chance to win a Facebook exclusive bulthaup kitchen bundle including a bulthaup apron, dish towel and spatula among others. This was met with great success as fans entered to win this exclusive prize pack.