Our long-time client recently had three solid stone bathtubs featured in the newspaper’s “Shopping With” column located in the Home section. When New York Times journalist Tim McKeough was looking for unique products to include in his story about architect Stephan Jaklitsch shopping for bathtubs, he reached out to Stone Forest, a company known for its contemporary bath designs carved from natural materials. As most PR professionals know, a journalist requesting information about your client doesn’t always lead to media coverage – especially in one of the nation’s largest newspapers. Responding quickly to the request, providing world-class product photos and conducting consistent follow-up is crucial for increasing the chances of success. DRS and Associates packaged and sent high-quality photography and information to Mr. McKeough within an hour of receiving the request. Our follow-up was respectful of his time and never assumed that the products would be featured.

The result: On September 19, 2013, three of the eight bathtubs in the New York Times story titled “Just Add Rubber Duck” were from Stone Forest. We are very proud of this accomplishment and look forward to more great client coverage in the future.