DRS and Associates is made up of creative and hard-working professionals – and now you can get to know them a little better. We recently asked around the office to find out each team member’s “DRS.”

Jocelyn Hutt, Senior Account Manager, DRS and Associates

Destination: What is your favorite place to visit or journey you have taken? There are many European cities I’ve visited and loved – but my heart belongs to New York City. My heart begins to race every time I visit – which is surely one way to gauge whether you like a city (or not.) Favorite journey in NYC? The 5 museums in 3.5 day whirlwind trip I took with boys when they were younger. A bit crazy, but we actually were able to remember lots of what we had seen!

Renovation: What would you update, remodel or change in your home or life? Now that I’m officially an ‘empty nester’ – I have SO many options! Do I turn the boys room into a rumpus room J Repainting is in order and scheduled – but if I had a renovation genie, I would ask for closets to magically appear where there currently is zero space for closets. Can someone help make that happen please?

Significance: What is, has or brings great meaning to you… perhaps a cherished item, milestone or that “ah-ha” moment or event? A long long time ago when I was starting out as a designer, I was choosing wall base for a commercial project (talk about detail), and it struck me as I looked through the sample chain of colors that I was really happy to be doing just that – even that seemingly insignificant part was important to me. Other ‘ah-ha’ moments would be loading up the car for any vacation I take with my boys. Oh…and let’s not forget my love of great coffee.