As with any advertising strategy, the key to success on Facebook is understanding the habits of your audience. For most companies and marketers on Facebook, checking their Timeline is a matter of necessity, a way to receive current information and inspiration about a brand, service or product, or simply a habit. From time to time I receive questions from clients that revolve around the layout of updates or timing of how content appears on their brand pages’ Timelines. Oftentimes the client needs to consider that their page isn’t being viewed how most of their fans will see it on their own pages. The Timeline showcases all of the content on the “brand page” that has been posted, but its layout can often cloud the strategy behind why and when that content was posted.

Social Media has completely changed the way brands and their fans interact. While years ago customers were OK with searching through a detailed website for information, fans on Social Media want everything now. Treating your Timeline like it’s a landing page is a mistake. The majority of fans will only visit a brand’s Timeline once when they initially like the page. The remainder of their brand engagement will happen on their News Feed.

When I check my personal Facebook, I want all of the information in front of me, so I can scroll through and immediately get caught up with the updates that are important. Whether it’s seeing pictures of a friend’s new baby, or watching the newest trailer to an anticipated movie, I don’t want to have to hunt for it.

Facebook understands that the majority of their users use Facebook like I do, and they have starting implementing the first major overhaul of the News Feed since 2009. The redesigned News Feed is more stylized, with a focus on graphics and rich media, while text is taking a back seat. What does this mean for brands? Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to have your updates be as consistently visually appealing as possible.


Assuming that the average Facebook user follows 200 friends, half of which post every day, there are less and less opportunities for brands to get their message out. The average Facebook user will scroll through their News Feed, ignoring everything that doesn’t immediately catch their eye. If your update is one of those that are skipped, it’s like that update was never made at all. Gone are the days of long-winded, multi-paragraph “wall of text” updates. With so much content fighting for the same eyeballs, all content must be a “scrollbar buster” that entices users to click and explore.

Another key factor to consider is the timing of all status updates. Oftentimes a high quality post can go completely unnoticed simply because it was sent out when the majority of the page’s fans were offline. The same lack of results can also occur when a page posts too frequently or posts multiple updates within seconds or minutes. These updates are potentially competing on a News Feed with hundreds of others, and when brands post too quickly, they push their content down that News Feed, making it easier for a user to miss or ignore it.

Here is a point to also consider. The focus on graphic content underscores the importance of making sure the right team is in place to handle your Social Media needs. For small businesses that don’t have an in-house graphic design or video team, keeping relevant on Facebook may become an increasingly difficult and time-consuming task. What started as a task that a company could assign to an overwhelmed intern or office manager has become a crucial part of a brand’s marketing strategy. This is where the advantage of having an agency like DRS and Associates handling your Social Media becomes clear. In addition to having a team of graphic designers under one roof in our shop, the DRS Social Media team knows how to craft a social media strategy that includes (but not limited to) presenting content that not only looks great but has the best opportunity to be seen by the maximum amount of fans. Anyone can post a Facebook update but not just anyone can post a Facebook update that’s worth reading.

Jon Sklaroff
Senior Online/Social Media Marketing Manager
DRS and Associates