It takes a great team to be a customer-service-centric organizationDRS

Wow, we made The List! OK, it’s the “Valley List” or should I say the Greater San Fernando Valley List, but it’s still worth mentioning.  After all, we rarely seek out our own PR or accolades so Natalie and I were pleasantly surprised to learn that The San Fernando Valley Business Journal ranked DRS and Associates as the 10th  Largest Advertising & Public Relations Agencies (out of 40 firms) – ranked by number of Valley Area Employees.  We definitely are not one of the highest revenue producing agencies in the area, however reminders like this make me stop for a moment and reflect on what it takes to operate and manage a customer-service-centric organization like DRS. We would not be able to provide the level of dedication and responsiveness that we do for our customers if it weren’t for our team. (And by the way, when I say customers, I mean we have more than our clients as are our customers. We consider all of our media and journalist contacts, industry associates and wide network of people we communicate with on a daily basis – as our customers).  So needless to say, the expression that “it takes great people to run a successful business – to be able to deliver exceptional service,” is near and dear to our philosophy and we obviously invest in this. It can’t go without saying that if it wasn’t for our clienteles’ understanding and appreciation of the value we bring to their businesses, they would not continue to invest their marketing dollars with our firm; for which we are always grateful and thankful.  And that is what brings me tremendous joy and satisfaction…. as well as that is what keeps me up at night (or at least on 5 hours of sleep).

P.S. Our team includes our New York City Valley and Boston Valley Sr. Account Managers too!

David Schlocker, president and founder of DRS and Associates