Curious about what makes up the personalities and diversities of our DRS team? In an ongoing series called “DRS Spotlight” we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes up the creative spirit that fuels DRS everyday.

Jennifer Cash

Jennifer Cash

Born and bred in the San Fernando Valley of California, specifically in Encino, Jennifer Cash is the latest addition to the DRS team. She isn’t a “valley girl” and she doesn’t say “OMG” every five minutes or rush to the mall to go shopping (though she did as a teenager with her friends); she has other pursuits that she loves – reading and writing.  The librarians at her local library she frequents all know her because she can’t wait to crack open brand new books.  As a voracious reader, she is heartbroken that so many bookstores in her area have closed down over the last few years.  Even as a young girl of eleven, when asked by her mother what she wanted for her birthday; she promptly  gave her mother a specific list of books that she wanted. She remembers other family members always looking a bit puzzled because Jennifer couldn’t contain her excitement when receiving books as gifts. Nothing was dearer to Jennifer; not dolls, not an Easy Bake oven, none of the more popular toys or games held as much interest to Jennifer as the books she received as gifts!

As writing is also a passion, it seemed appropriate for Jennifer to pursue a bachelor’s degree in journalism with an emphasis in public relations. Graduating from CSUN, Jennifer began work right away as a public relations practitioner for a marketing brand company and was quickly promoted to operations coordinator. Multi-talented, Jennifer has also held positions as a graphic designer and project coordinator before she came to DRS and Associates.

Jennifer Cash

Jennifer Cash, DRS and Associates

What else does Jennifer like to do? In her spare time, she likes to wake up early on Saturdays or Sundays to go hiking with her friends. She is also an art lover and she likes to go to museums which inspire her to create her own art pieces.  Like many a ‘tortured artist’, Jennifer struggles with the love/hate relationship she has with her artwork, and she’s been known to give away pieces only to change her mind and want them back when she sees them displayed elsewhere.  Ah, Jennifer — the torment of the creative mind!

Jennifer is excited by her work as a public relations coordinator at DRS and Associates and she can’t wait to come in early in the morning to start her day.  When she has days off, all she can think about is going to work and saying “Good Morning,” to her wonderful team. She is an excellent support system for her account managers and ensures that editors receive everything they need to write their stories. Her clients’ products inspire her and when she drives by lighting stores on the way to work, staring at the lighting pieces in admiration, planning to own one of her client’s glamorous or refined lighting fixtures, she has to be careful not to cause an accident. She feels strongly that she can represent her clients’ products with sincerity and knowledge.

Jennifer is looking forward to a long working relationship with DRS and Associates, and we with her. She feels that the agency is the right fit for her, and we couldn’t agree more. She enthusiastically works on projects and her admiration for the account managers that she works with everyday shines through her warm and caring personality. What do we love about Jennifer? In a nutshell; her incredibly positive attitude combined with her unparalleled work ethic.  Who could ask for more?