Curious about what makes up the personalities and diversities of our DRS team? In an ongoing series called “DRS Spotlight” we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes up the creative spirit that fuels DRS everyday.


Jocelyn Hutt

Age before beauty…

Alright, we don’t really believe that, but we do recognize that with age comes a certain amount of experience and wisdom, and with Jocelyn, her experience in the home design industry makes her an invaluable asset to the DRS team. After working for a number of years (she won’t tell us how many) in ‘other’ industries, she began working as an interior designer – a career and industry she loved and participated in for 10 years, while raising her two sons and taking design classes. Somewhere around year 10, after schlepping carpet and tile samples began to lose some of its allure, she switched her focus and went to work for a website that she had long used to source design products. How does this part of the story turn into a DRS story? Hang on, we’re not done.

She became editor-in-chief of that very website and worked there for a number of years. During that time she became familiar with the DRS team and David Schlocker; because her website highlighted many a DRS client. So when the website was sold – and she began looking for her next opportunity, she realized that every manufacturer whose products she loved seemed to be represented by DRS (hey – we are allowed to pat ourselves on the back here.) After speaking with David about DRS having an east coast presence – she came on board and we couldn’t be more pleased. Her knowledge of the home design industry from all the various segments; commercial, residential, showrooms, product design from manufacturers and artisans, makes her ideally suited to be of help to our clients when strategizing and coming up with ways for us to help promote their products. Having been an editor, she also understands the value of a good story, and we feel our clients have many great stories to tell.


Jocelyn displaying one of her many skills at an industry event – sleeping while standing up

But what is it that makes her tick?? Is it always just work, work, work, and home design magazines? Hardly. As the mother of two sons; one now ensconced in Scotland at the University of Edinburgh and the other a nationally rated Fencer — her down-time is spent worrying about them of course. Might she ever move to the west coast office? She might…given that the Boston winters are becoming less and less attractive. Originally from New York, how she came to live in Boston is a story for another time. At any point she might just fold up her tent, pack her 18 lb. cat (see below) and head west.

But only if she can be assured that she’ll have timely delivery of The New Yorker every week.

Blizzard the cat

Blizzard doing what he does best

blizzard the cat

Blizzard’s other favorite hobby (you might notice a pattern here)