Curious about what makes up the personalities and diversities of our DRS team? In an ongoing series called “DRS Spotlight” we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes up the creative spirit that fuels DRS everyday.


Clarissa Gutierrez of DRS & Associates

Every company wants one…needs one…wishes they had one…and we do have one: our secret weapon – Clarissa Gutierrez…. That’s right – if you’ve done any business with DRS and Associates, you’ve spoken with, emailed, or received some type of input from our own Ms. Gutierrez. We run a tight ship at DRS and while David is the Captain – there is no doubt in anyone’s mind about who ‘The Skipper’ is. Unflappable, unfailingly polite, good-natured, and possessed of the best giggle ever — Clarissa keeps all of us on point. What makes her our secret weapon? It’s her cool and steady demeanor, her ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, coupled with a photographic memory and an editor’s skillful but gentle red pen. Clarissa defines the term multi-tasker.

Public relations is a fast-paced industry; editors want images and information immediately if not sooner (clairvoyance is another skill set she has), and clients need collateral on almost a daily basis. Tracking all of these things from both sides – client and editorial – is not for the faint of heart. Just thinking of potential mishaps makes us cringe. Were it not for Clarissa, David would probably have even more gray hair!

Clarissa, like many amazing people, is more than the sum of the parts that we see at work. She’s an accomplished baker – it’s almost an obsession with her – it’s really her creative outlet, and her family guards her cake baking and decorating secrets with their lives! There is no holiday that doesn’t begin with Clarissa wondering how she’ll craft interesting, playful and beautifully decorated cakes and cupcakes – each time trying to outdo her last creation. At DRS, we’ve been privy to many a delicious sampling, but we know that her family comes first. Oh, we ask…we plead…and we have had cupcakes and cakes…but the occasion has to warrant her special talents. We are showing you some of her creations under protest because if you attempt to steal her away from us – we couldn’t bear it. The next time you receive something from her, or speak to her, please know this: we are a better company because of Clarissa.



A dragon made of cupcakes


Flowery cake



Halloween cake



A cupcake wreath with chocolate leaves



ThermaSol's Sol Steamking birthday cake