DRS profiles

Paco of DRS & Associates

Curious about what makes up the personalities and diversities of our DRS team? In upcoming months, we’ll take a closer look at what makes up the creative spirit that fuels DRS everyday and how we maintain a balance of life and fulfillment outside of the office. You’ll get a sneak peak at how talented and passionate each staff member is, beyond the amazing work we do each day for our clients.

We’d first like to feature one of our integral team members- Francisco Robles – fondly known as “Paco.” Paco takes the expression “jack of all trades” to new heights. From press kit fulfillment, to assisting the graphics department, to assembling materials that are sent to media, Paco is always ready and willing to jump in where needed- no matter what the task at hand is.

Outside of the great work he does for DRS, Paco is also a talented artist, designer and contractor; he’s skilled at everything from framing and plumbing to dry wall and setting tile (this has also proved to be very useful when we have created sets for photo shoots). They say there is an artistic spirit in all of us and with Paco, he applies his true passion every chance that he gets. As an artist Paco is constantly designing graphic art for t-shirts and hats. He owns his own heat transfer equipment and produces his designs for friends, family and sells his clothing on occasion. He characterizes many of his designs as retro, with a frequent use of animals, edgy cartoon looking characters and solid colors.

Other artistic talents include drawing, oil painting and wood etch-burning. Pictured in this Jots is a portrait of Emma, David and Nat’s Rottie that he created on a piece of reclaimed wood. Paco sketched, etched the outline and highlights on the wood, then used the flame of a torch to add shading, tones and highlights – bringing the picture to life. Paco presented this surprise gift to David and we were all taken back by how great Emma looked. What’s even more intriguing about this unique artistic pass-time is how it came to be. Paco says the he acquired this concept by accident while he was soldering pipes together during a plumbing project. The rest was creative history!

If you happen to stop by DRS one day, you might just see Paco wearing his own custom designed t-shirts with his signature folded short-sleeves.