Just flush a potato and two limes down a High Efficiency Dual Flush Toilet!

On Monday, March 29 Caroma, the worldwide leader in highly efficient dual flush toilets for commercial and residential use, had their Profile Smart toilet with integrated sink and Sydney Smart™ toilet featured on The Today Show’s Green Gadget Time segment. In anticipation of this year’s Earth Day, renowned gadget expert Steve Greenberg demonstrated the features and benefits of Caroma’s water conserving yet powerful toilets to Kathy Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and the millions of viewers who tune into the popular daily morning program.

In the segment, Greenberg described how the Caroma Profile Smart toilet effectively recycles water by allowing users to wash their hands in the integrated sink with fresh water that drains into the toilet tank to power the following flush. Greenberg wowed the audience by easily flushing a potato and two limes down the Sydney Smart toilet. This successful demonstration proved how the large trap together with the flush-down technology of the Sydney Smart toilet virtually eliminates blockages even when using the low-flow feature of only 0.8 gallons of water!

For more information about Caroma Dual Flush toilets, visit their website: www.caromausa.com

You can see the full press release here: Caroma® Smart Toilets Featured on The Today Show

And watch the whole clip on the NBC website. The Caroma segment starts at about the 2:40 mark in the clip: Green Gadgets Help Save Planet and Money

Caroma Dual Flush Toilets

Caroma Dual Flush Toilets

You can't do that! Flushing two limes and a potato.

You can’t do that! Flushing two limes and a potato.

It worked! Two limes and a potato flushed with Caroma toilet.

It worked! Two limes and a potato flushed with a Caroma toilet.