Can anyone really predict a trend? We can spot them, but predicting them is a bit like catching a snowflake – the moment it lands, it melts away, or lands on an existing pile of snow to which anyone can then safely say, “It’s definitely trending towards snow.” We don’t like to make pronouncements of absolute certainty, but we do pride ourselves on being astute observers of design.

Here’s what we’re talking about:

– Material Maturation and Morphing – Avatar comes to A + D
– After Stainless Steel – A resurgence comes to life
– Slim down and get healthy – Flooring products, that is
– Luxury and Green – and really mean it this time
– New Buzz words to impress your friends with
– Intelligent Design – Not that kind… the useful stuff like Smart Products for your home
– Lighting – not a burn out; just a new efficient way to guide our way
– Color de jour for 2010 – check please
– Something Old is something Good; even hipper meaning to “recycling”
– Look afar but look close to home too – Made in USA is making a comeback and designers love it

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