Let’s face it, when the economy is down in the dumps and consumer confidence takes a dive, people spend less time buying things on the Internet. When this happens, however, it’s even more important to examine and invest in your Online Marketing efforts. During a downturn, the search engines and the new content that is produced and circulated on the Internet doesn’t slow down or take a break because people aren’t as apt to buy. If anything, the search engines and the new content that is produced speeds up, as more and more people use the Internet as an alternate form of entertainment. They may also research different things they want to spend money on in the future, like renovating their home. Therefore, you must engage consumers if you want to come out of the downturn ahead of your competition. You may not realize it now, but with Online marketing you may even come out ahead of where you were when sales started to decline.

This is the way the Web and search engines function:

  1. New, updated or more feature-rich websites gain more exposure by both people and the search engines.
  2. New, unique and interesting content is highly valued by both its readers and the search engines.
  3. New and compelling exposure through the Web sits in the mind of the buyers so that when they are ready to purchase they’ve already made their decision on your brand, or at the very least your brand is fresh in their minds.
  4. Search engines see the added Online branding efforts as a plus for your company’s brand and its website/s.

Marketing Your Brand Online: Content is King

Regardless of whether or not you’re actively writing new content for the Web, putting pictures on your site, engaging Web users in all the different forms of social media or improving your websites – your competition is! This means if you’ve been so stressed about your business (and rightfully so in tough times) that you’ve totally forgotten about the Web, then you’ve actually taken an even bigger step backwards. In fact, many of your competitors might have been putting more into their Online holdings while your business was doing nothing.

Based on the cost effectiveness of investing in websites and content verses any other form of marketing or business expansion, many businesses use these downturns as times to really focus on the Web. The experiences, search engine listings, bookmarks and ideas that the active Online marketer has gained during the tough times will come back ten fold as the economy picks up and consumer confidence returns. Just think, even if someone has never heard of your company, but they are ready to do some research on a product that they’re interested in for their home,  the first place they’re going to do research is often the Internet. If you have been actively building your Online presence and show up in the places they are looking for information, then you are much more likely to get the sale. If you have been letting this part of your business sit on the back burner during the recession, then I fear you’ll be coming out of this downturn even worse off then you would have figured.

It’s never too late to market your brand Online, but just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the larger the hurdle gets as the competition gains your market share and Online authority with the search engines and Web users.

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