Many Interior Designers, Luxury Brands and High End Product Manufacturers have invested significant amounts of money into their website, but still have no online presence. This can be for one of a number of reasons, including:

– The website was built with a dated technology or one that is literally unreadable by the search engines (much like our old site found here)
– They built a website and let it get stale, dusty and die
– They are doing nothing to market their website online

If you have not seen a return on the investment of your website, then it may be time to examine whether or not you’re getting all you can out of this investment? Or is your website like a new, expensive toy that you bought out of impulse and never use?

The Beauty of Inbound Marketing – Is Your Company Easy To Find Online?

In a thriving economy most companies and Marketers don’t think of Inbound Marketing tactics such as PR, search engine optimization and social networking as ways of meeting their businesses goals. These methods are often overshadowed by traditional mass media tactics that drive pending sales. However, with the increasing popularity of Online Media, and the fact that people are more careful where and how they spend their money in our current economic situation, Inbound Marketing is an absolute must for any company, and especially high end brands (see Bringing Your Brand Online To Reach Luxury Customers).

People today do not go on the Internet because they want to be sold something, and consumers today are not in any rush to spend money. Their low intensity and distaste for online sales pitches do not play a role in Inbound Marketing, and instead define exactly what Inbound Marketing is. Inbound Marketing is intended to boost a company’s brand awareness, relevance and ease of “findability” for the consumer, not to bombard them with sales pitches. Inbound Marketing is really the act of offering the information and content that the consumers are looking for at the exact moment when they are searching for this information on the Web. In this case the content and information is showing up for searches, and in places where consumers are actively looking for your product or service.

As opposed to Outbound or Direct Marking, with Inbound Marketing your company will be easy to find, and only when you are offering exactly what the consumer is looking for. Even if the consumer doesn’t make a purchase when they are searching, when they are ready to purchase, the company that was able to provide them with the information they were looking while they were looking for information will win the sale. In today’s Online marketplace many are viewing Inbound Marketing as the major strategy to be used for securing the online future of a company. By laying the channels for easy “findability” and two way communication it will allow their online brand to grow and continue to deploy more and more Inbound Marketing techniques.

If you are looking for an Inbound marketing agency to help with your business needs DRS and Associates is a full service luxury marketing agency that focuses on getting your business new exposure and making your company easy to find online.

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