In today’s Public Relations world more and more magazines, newspapers, groups and individuals are publishing their content online. Editorial, news and blog online coverage is now one of the more noticeable direct results of Public Relations activity. A year ago less than 5% of coverage from our clients was found online, and now that number has risen all the way up to 17%. This is an interesting factor that has made how nearly every facet of Public Relations to be analyzed and optimized for the Web.

Through traditional PR practices a very well established and magnificent brand image can be built by sending out press kits, establishing good connections and relationships with the media outlets and purchasing ads in publications. In this day and age, however, all of this work can also help to establish a strong online brand as well. Because it is so much easier to publish content on line with the use of Content Management Systems, we are seeing a much larger rate of publicity coming through the online form then we have seen previously.

Combining PR and Internet Marketing Efforts

Residual online press coverage is excellent, but you may not be taking full advantage of this occurrence if you are not also optimizing your press for the Web. Through optimizing your PR efforts for the Web you can provide your brand with a more prevalent online presence. For years we have been optimizing and targeting online media sources as well as print, and with the evolution of new and emerging online technologies we continue to move further into combining all PR efforts with our Internet Marketing efforts. These two practices go hand in hand, so not to couple them would be shortsighted. As we continue to release new materials and market our products we expect to find an increasing number of online coverage from our efforts which will help our client’s Web and offline presence grow.

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