Twitter is a small social media application that has become gigantic in a very short amount of time. Twitter is basically a mini blog that allows its users to give brief updates, tips, jokes and anything else you can think of, throughout the day. Each update on twitter is called a “tweet” and many active users update their twitter feed 20 times a day. This is considered a social platform because people “follow” each other on Twitter and can comment on what people post on their twitter feed. People generally follow their friends, colleagues, fans, audiences, people with similar interests, people in the same industry etc, to stay on top of what is going on in the world and to see what people are doing.

It was created in 2006 by CEO Evan Williams, and now it is mostly owned by venture capitalists investors that have yet to really monetize the micro blogging service. It appears as though the owners of twitter will be trying to inject ads similar to those seen on & as a way to make revenue with this website.

There are myriad ways that people are using twitter today, but the main features and usability of the service is quite simple. When you sign up for an account you get your own link and then with this new account you can post as many “tweets” as you want. These tweets are then displayed on your profile page listed above. Tweets show up on other people who are following you (“followers”) homepages when they are logged in. When you publish a tweet you can prohibit access of delivery to those in their circle of friends or allow anybody to see them. Tons of different services, mobile applications and other websites allow you to send and receive tweets with their software, applications etc.

The phenomenon of the growth of twitter as one of the largest social platforms on the Web is amazing, but not entirely unexpected. With the use of the Internet growing widely, combined with the direct messages from advertisements throughout the day, people’s attention span has grown accustom to bite sized bits of information. Everyone has jumped on board the twitter bandwagon, everyone from companies like Starbucks and GM to the President of The United States now use twitter to update readers on their day to day happenings.

The reason that so many people and businesses are using twitter on a daily business is because it gives them another, very effective way to connect with thousands of real people every day. Many consumers value social communication like that of twitter posts more than any other type of customer service, marketing, or form of communication. People who use twitter are receiving tidbits of information that they are very interested in, and it comes from across all the Web. These microblogs keep twitter users entertained, informed and in touch with the people, products, services and companies they love.

Here are some interesting industry twitter feeds that we have found valuable and entertaining:

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