I have noticed that far too many high end brands and upscale Interior Designers are not able to be found online. This is a common, yet grave mistake in the Luxury Product market and as an Internet Marketer it really hurts me to see so many excellent brands and products not have the online visibility that they need to be successful.

Why Luxury Brands Should Have A Strong Web Pressence

It is extremely important for these brands to not only be online, but to reach their target market online. The demographics of the luxury consumer is very promising, and involves a market segment that has a higher than average income, is in a higher social class and lives a luxury lifestyle. This segment not only goes online often to use the Internet, but even has access to the Internet in more places then the average consumer based on their wealth and the trend that we have seen in applying the Internet to nearly all high end electronics, automobiles, boats, planes etc.

If an upscale brand is NOT on the Internet, and not easily findable on the Web then it greatly reduces the chances that their customer base will be able to find the important information they need when making their purchasing decisions. Many high end brands are taking advantage of all of the benefits of having an excellent online presence. This fact, in turn, hurts the competition who is not applying their brand to all aspects of the online world even more.

Bringing a brand online effectively so that the content contained in the website is viewable by the search engines is not a costly process. A simple website with a beautiful design that is easily editable and maintainable can be done for as little as $5,000, while a more dynamic, feature rich website for a luxury brand could end up costing as much as $50,000 depending on the features and functionality of the website. Inbound Marketing Campaigns can also vary in cost and range anywhere from $1000 a month to $40,000 a month depending on the level of involvement needed in the marketing campaigns, as well as the amount of money that is spent on paid traffic (purchasing traffic at a cost-per-click or impression/view basis).

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