Ben’s Take – Article 3

Two months into my tenure at DRS and Associates and the learning process has not ceased to trudge on. This internship is like a class and work environment mixed together, and my desk is at the front row of […]

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DRS and Associates produces illuminating videos

Littman Brands is renowned for unique custom designs and high-quality lighting solutions for the residential, hospitality and contract arenas. Led by Founder and Chairman David Littman, whose family has maintained a key leadership role in lighting design for more […]

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David’s Jots – Standing Behind Authentic Designs

There’s a lot to be said for supporting originality.  Often times, we’ll see the same iconic design used by several manufacturers with varying degrees of quality.   While it may be easier to buy the knock off, we feel […]

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“What’s your DRS” with Mariakay Chakos

DRS and Associates is made up of a wonderful team of creative and hardworking professionals – and now you can get to know them a little better. Here’s a look at our very own Mariakay (or as she’s known […]

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Ben’s Take – Article 2

Ben here, once again. Hopefully from reading my last post I was able to illustrate to you what it is like to work in a boutique luxury brand marketing and public relations company. Not only am I learning myself […]

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DRS and Associates Client Hudson Valley Lighting featured in the Wall Street Journal

Our client Hudson Valley Lighting was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal piece about a beautifully renovated white bathroom by interior designer Jennifer Eisenstadt. The article offers product selections that emulate her updated all-white approach, which combines subtle […]

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DRS and Associates rebrands Watermark Designs with successful communication plan and ad campaign inspired by Brooklyn roots

The world of faucet manufacturing is often homogenized from one brand to another, one style to another. It is challenging to be noticed and provide consumers with a compelling reason to learn more about your company. How does one […]

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Outsourcing Online Marketing – Why You Should Hire A Dedicated Agency

In the last 10 years, Social Media has grown from a risky proposition to a crucial part of any marketing strategy. Large brands such as Coca-Cola and Nike have increased social spending to levels previously only seen for TV […]

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DRS and Associates: Ben’s take-Article 1

Hello, Ben here.
To make a long story short, I was born nineteen years ago – and to fast-forward a bit, you can find me between my college courses getting a whole different education at DRS and Associates working as […]

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“What’s your DRS” with Joellyn Bohlen

DRS and Associates is made up of a wonderful team of creative and hardworking professionals – and now you can get to know them a little better. Here’s a look at one of our design wizards, Joellyn!

Joellyn Bohlen, Graphic […]

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