Visit DRS and Associates clients during Design Week

DRS and Associates is proud to be the agency of record for multiple brands at ICFF – each showcasing the best in contemporary product design.
Watermark Designs | Booth #2220 
Watermark Designs will unveil their newest faucet collection, Elan Vital. […]

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Lunch Time: Coley’s

Ever since DRS and Associates moved to North Hollywood, I’ve driven by Coley’s multiple times per day. Every time I saw the sign advertising its Caribbean food, I thought “I need to try that.” I put it off for […]

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David Schlocker Speaks to Master’s Students on the Craft of Active Presenting

Last week David Schlocker of DRS and Associates was a guest lecturer for Master’s students of The Tseng College, California State University, Northridge where he presented an informative and interactive talk on crafting dynamic presentations and creating a connection […]

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Advertising vs. Buying Fans/Followers

When brands decide to make the big leap into the social media space, the first question is always “How do I get people to like/follow me?” On older platforms’ brand pages, the marketer was able to  look through profiles […]

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DRS and Associates Brings “Swissness” Stateside

DRS and Associates Brings “Swissness” Stateside with Launch of LAUFEN North America Social Media.

Client: Having defined bathroom culture since 1892, LAUFEN was the first creator of ceramic bathroom products in Switzerland and is now the leading global manufacturer of complete bathroom […]

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Ben’s Take – It takes a team

American football has become infamous for its stereotypical gladiator-like battle essence, and on top of that, a dark shadow has been cast recently concerning the  monopolization of the entire American sporting business world. Men throw themselves at each other […]

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GRAFF’s Ametis Is Showered with Recognition

Having a client recognized in the press is always a wonderful achievement, but when a client is recognized with an award and great coverage back to back, it’s even better! DRS and Associates recently helped GRAFF, manufacturer of precision […]

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DRS and Associates gives ThermaSol a refreshing new look

Client: Since 1958, ThermaSol®, creator of the first steam shower unit for the home, has been designing and building the finest and most technologically-savvy steam shower and sauna environments available. Today, ThermaSol offers the only 100% digital, fully networked […]

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Ben’s Take – Philosophy Edition

In light of my recently devoted interest in my Philosophy 1 class at Santa Monica College, I have decided to present to you a tad bit of my insights into the metaphysical aspect of my professional growth. I’m no […]

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Through the eyes of Karma

I’ll never forget the first time I went to the office with my mom.

She had walked me that morning, and as usual, I was looking forward to burrowing back under the covers and going back to bed after she […]

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