I’ll never forget the first time I went to the office with my mom.

She had walked me that morning, and as usual, I was looking forward to burrowing back under the covers and going back to bed after she left for work. But that particular morning was different, she put me in her car and proceeded to take the curvy Laurel Canyon road to the office!

When I got to the office, there were all these people and I was so overwhelmed! However, I quickly learned where the kitchen was, and what laps were willing to serve as a bed. Now, months later, at our new office, I’ve even got a few canine friends to hang with: Jaws, an extremely rambunctious much younger pug, and Bonnie – a sweet 100 lb Rottweiler that I’ve totally put in her place.


I’m still getting used to our new larger space, including the new sounds and smells, and I still try to sneak in the kitchen area every day (but I’m quickly reprimanded by mom). I like to help out when strangers come in, I guess you can call me a walking doorbell, but I guess my services are not needed because my mom quickly scoops me up and says NO! David calls me “Princess Karma” – I am not sure why, but I like the nickname.

These days, while my mom works away to provide my food, treats and toys, I’m usually in my little house sleeping away, on mom’s lap or taking a quick lap around the large desk in the main room with Jaws, my pal. Jaws and I also play a game where we steal each other’s Himalayan chew – and yes, I’m guilty of setting traps and pouncing on him… I enjoy the entertainment. Jennifer, who shares an office with mom, is also very gracious with her lap – I just paw her legs or grunt, and she’s willing to make space for me.

Lately, my favorite time of the day is about 3pm when this big burst of light comes through the skylight in the main room. I love to stand in the sunny spot and just drink in the sun. Sometimes my mom comes and folds up my blanket and it’s like I’m at the beach but without the nasty sand getting on my paws! Jaws often joins me and we just sit together, it’s quite lovely.

The one thing that kind of bugs me is that mom’s always making me do tricks. Sure, I’m smart and know a bunch, but it’s like I have to “work” too, I mean, I’m a dog, I just want to sleep! My mom is also trying to teach Jaws and Bonnie tricks, in fact Bonnie is pretty close to learning “play dead” – so we all have to earn our keep. I guess that’s the price a dog pays to work at DRS. Now, that’s not so bad!