DRS and Associates is made up of a wonderful team of creative and hardworking professionals – and now you can get to know them a little better. Here’s mariakaya look at our very own Mariakay (or as she’s known around the office, MK)!

Mariakay Chakos, Senior Account Manager

Mariakay has had a long-standing relationship with DRS and Associates as a freelance writer prior to joining our team on a full-time basis. For the past fifteen years, she has immersed herself in public relations, primarily representing the buzzing home entertainment industry. MK was also part of the publicity department for E! Online, where she and a four-person team planned, executed and managed E! Online’s first ever Sizzlin’ Sixteen event. Her favorite facets of public relations include creating and executing campaigns from start to finish and cultivating and maintaining relationships, both with clients and the media.

Mariakay moved to Southern California with her family in 1978 from Chicago. In her spare time, she enjoys catching the occasional musical or small concert, walking around her neighborhood with “Karma” her little mutt of a puppy (little dogs are always puppies), enjoying iced tea and cooking her favorite Greek dishes. You can often find Karma in our DRS office – most likely on someone’s lap – providing creative energy and tranquility.

We sat down with MK and asked her “What’s Your DRS?”

Destination: What is your favorite place to visit or journey you have taken? I absolutely love ROME – and hope to go back soon. It’s been 20 years, but I still long for that city. I loved the people, the architecture and the gelato!

Renovation: What would you update, remodel or change in your home or life? I’m constantly updating my home in little ways – whether it’s new towel sets in the bath or my new peacock chairs in the living room. I think it’s important to change your surroundings and keep things fresh. Next up: A new bright rug for my living room!

Significance: What is, has or brings great meaning to you… perhaps a cherished item, milestone or that “ah-ha” moment or event? Oh well that’s easy – I think lightness in life is key. My personal relationships with friends and family are truly cherished, and that means surrounding myself with positive, funny, quality people. My little dog also fills my day with joy and extreme giddiness – she keeps everything light!